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Best Princess Pom Pom Girl

Best Princess Pom Pom Girl


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Best Princess Pom Pom Girl Description

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Explain it.” He goes, “I can’t, he’s a Pisko!” Then I get upset, I say, “Taymas, listen, there are authors… Hemingway for instance. He was known for describing things with such detail and so beautifully that even without ever having seen or heard of it, you could somehow visualize it. I don’t know, the taste of a fruit, for instance. Beautifully described. Something like, ‘a pear is sandy on your tongue,’ or something similar. Explain it to me like that.” He’s like, “I can’t, I’m not Hemingway.” I go, “I’m aware of that, but… But it would be nice if you tried.” So he started to… And this is the truth. I didn’t write this, it really happened. My cousin said to me, “Enissa, listen. Lyrically, he is on a level like no rapper ever before him, and at the same time he manages to convey socio-critical topics in his raps, while also being completely self-reflective, and…” I swear, he performed a monologue. I was… Seriously, I was so flabbergasted that he could express himself like that. I stood before him, I was like, “Oh, why didn’t you say so? He’s a Pisko! He is…

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