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Best Princess Makeover

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  • Best Princess Makeover

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    What happened here? What do you think? I feel. Hold on. Stop. What’s he doing here? I gave Mrs Harman a lift once. And she invited me to the restaurant. Good homely food. Liak was praising the food as well. What do you want to say? years ago, Harman worked in a small garage. Salary, only . But suddenly he hit some jackpot games games and now owns a posh restaurant. So you mean games Harman is Liak’s partner. Congratulations, sir. Finally you found him. Found him? Not really The couple’s been missing since the th. So? You were in Pune on the th, right? Yes. Where were you? I was on a lunch date. With Shobha. At her home. How long? pm. pm. pm is my dinner time. See you. Bye, sir. Did you tell anyone about Harman? I never told anyone. Be honest, and I won’t harm you. I said I didn’t tell anyone games Yes, I did. I told Raghav. And that’s the reason you’re out here. You didn’t do a thing for last years. And now you’re threatening your mother. What did you tell the inspector? We had ? All I said that when I left you were asleep. What for? You know he asked me such absurd questions. No one ever dared to speak to me like that games This is a police investigation. I will have to answer all their questions. I don’t believe this. I thought there was something between us. I really liked you. Maybe I didn’t like you. You sympathize with the criminals in jail, don’t you? But what about the people whose lives they ruined? You used me, right? Maybe the inspector’s right. You are involved in some murder. He might arrest me. Put me in jail. Then you’ll come visit me. Hold my hands. Relieve my pain. Sympathize with me. And we can even have in the doctor’s cabin. How dare games Where’s the money? Where’s the money? Where’s my money? Where’s my money? My friend? I killed Harman and his wife. You killed? How did you kill them? With a hammer. In their own bedroom. Do you want to know how? How I did it? Do you want to hear? First I covered the room with plastic. When his wife stepped out after a shower games games

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