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Best Princess Holiday

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  • Best Princess Holiday

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    ook like two peas. The only wild thing was that storm. Just before we drove away, there was a huge storm there. It’s said that a boy on his bike was almost killed by a falling branch. Wild! And? MISTER? What do you say? I would say … A little less “Chichi” would do it. Otherwise the packaging is more spectacular than its content. Damn, okay … Kat loves to be different. She would like to be like my mum, her “sun goddess”. She’s impressed with everything someone else despises. Have you talked to Dianne lately? No, I didn’t. Please concentrate. You’re here with me! You’re here with me! Oh, my god! I’m so glad you’re back! Mum! Please stop! If the reputation is ruined, it lives completely uninhibited. Glass took what she wanted. She didn’t care what others thought. And that didn’t suit them. They called it calculated. Glass called it organized. We three we stick together. We’re strong, and we defend ourselves. We don’t have to belong anywhere. I’d always remember that. We won’t let us dictate, how we live. By no one. Dianne suffered more from Glass social ignorance than I did. But back then she still had hope. Oh … Hey! Come on! Hey you two, I’m Kyle. Will you stay with us forever? Excusez-moi. Parfait? Bien sûr, Madame. If I may? Lemons or strawberries? “Passion fruit” Madame, I like you. Look at me briefly. Ah … Finally you’re getting a beard showing. I love it, “Monsieur”. So beautiful. A masterpiece. That tickles very much. For real? Yes. Your hair looks like cotton candy! You have a very dense beard growth. Un, deux, trios (,,). You have to make whipped cream. Let me. We get a new one into the class. And? Nothing! Only that I went trough the documents of my dad. He should have lived here. They were abroad for some time and are now They’re moving back. The new one is supposed to be pretty … You can’t manipulate my thoughts. Hmh! Okay, yes, you can! Maybe. Photo now! Yes. OK! Dianne? Dianne, do you want to chatter? Good morning. Hey Phil. Good morning, and? Good morning. Hey, Dianne, where were you? What? Last night, where were you? I don’t know what you mean. Do you want to ride to school together? I still have to do something. My breasts have grown over the summer. Feel them. At least two sizes. At least. Are you sure you were not switched at birth? Honestly, what makes you two to twins? Chewing gum? No thanks. I would share. Ladies and Gentlemen, Say goodbye to the lovely time of doing nothing. Katia? My God! Can I get your attention? And? What did I say? Hi! Nicholas. At last I know your name. Phil? I’m pregnant again. Would you like to feel? It still will be a while. Now it still is … so small! Don’t you find it wonderful? Of course, yes! Did you already tell Dianne? Yes, Yes. This afternoon. And what did she say? I don’t want any tears, when it all goes wrong. At last I know your name. Why did you wave at the boy?? Because I saw you like him! You too want lemonade, Darling? Yep. Where is my globe? What globe? My snow globe? I told you to leave it in the car. Hm. Here, Take! Dianne, I urgently must tell you something.

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