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Best Princess Fashion Girl

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    Now go in there and kill our boss. Come on! Come on, get him! Oh, hey, pal! I was just about to turn your girl and her on Ted’s desk. Sorry. My desk. You ing dick. Amanda, you need to focus on your job. HR is going to be swamped with all the new hires we’re going to need. Oh, let’s just get this over with. I’d rather die than listen to your lame management style any longer. My management style is effective. And refreshing. Okay, option seven, you just eat like raccoons and stuff. That is disgusting. No. Evan, do you remember what I said we sell here? Dreams? Yeah, that was bullshit. We sell fear. Option eight, I don’t turn you, I just kill you. No, that doesn’t work for me, ’cause then I’m just dead. Our customers are afraid. Afraid that life is passing them by, which to be fair, it is. And that is why you are perfect for this place. Because you are a coward. I’m sorry? Okay, option nine, I let you go but you have to promise not to kill anyone. No way, man. A vamp’s got to eat. You were afraid to tell Amanda you love her because of why? Because you work together? Because she earns more than you? Roshambo? Winner chooses our fate? One, two, three, yes! Sorry. You didn’t even have the balls to quit when this incompetent turd passed you over for the guy you hate most on the face of the Earth. You are so afraid of life. And you actually want to be sales manager in this shithole. Mandy! We are trying to have a conversation. games No! Well, two out of three? Yeah. One, two, three. I am not going to change you. That’s right. I’ll leave you alive and stuck in this pathetic pointless job now, until the day you die. This suit is bespoke. One, two, three. sharing the desk with the photo printer, while I stay young with the woman you love, immortal at my side. I’d rather ing die first. Yeah, yeah, that’s the way it works. Holy shit! I think I’m ready to turn in my resignation. Yeah. You want this job? Then take it. Die, you bloodsucking bastard! Oh, shit. Well, this is pretty much the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. I stand corrected.

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