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Best Preparation for the first day of school

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  • Best Preparation for the first day of school

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    Best Preparation for the first day of school Description

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    he had payed our rent, but it said “Mina ” Games then I understood. I don’t know why but I’v never been able to forget that number, nor that street. But you are not here to retrieve the documents, you are here to meet me. and to meet Ignacio’s son. I can’t deny it. Ignacio’s son, huh? He wished! That I gave him a son unlike you.. Shut up! How well it would go for me when he abandoned me like you, having to work to keep a baby alive, all fat and ugly, No! I was not born for such! Alright. I can’t. I don’t want to know! I don’t want to hear anythig else! Tell Ignacio, that Octavio is waiting for him at the Tabu. If that’s all, Games Ignacio is saved. you saw that a look and manners, Games how low. What do I care about those documents. Excuses to come and surprise you. You are to blame for intruding in what doesn’t concern you! What are you going to do? Follow her? Not that! You won’t leave me like that Games Ignacio! You can’t leave me like.. Yes, I followed her. Here, at the Tabu. He’s one of the dancers. No, boss, Not a sound. Left it at the post office. It’s okay. Yes. Keep dancing and pretend, but the one who just arrived, is governor Vidal himself. You shouldn’t have bothered in coming here, my general. A little dance will do me no harm. Good evening. What can I serve you, general? Real cognac, not the one you make with aguardiente and Guchila. Mister, general Games I know my story. They have you fenced. We have to do something.. Don’t be nervous, I don’t have the documents yet. But Ignacio will bring them, any moment now. Tell that girl Games the one in black, to come here. While I entertain her, provoke him, throw him out, and retrieve the envelope. Who is with Julieta? Governor Vidal and his gunmen, who got me fenced. I can’t remain in this place another minute, I feel like drowning. Tell me please what I must do with this envelope that is burning my skin. Hand it to me. Like that? In public? Like that. Thanks, Ignacio. Don’t think I did this because of you or Julieta, I did it for myself.

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