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Best Party Girls

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    I love bowling. OK, so shall we have a couple more and then hit the lanes? OK. Well, you can live any way you want But you’re sure gonna find out soon When profession ain’t what you got Soon be singing another tune, hey! Shoot first Ask questions later Shoot first Ask questions later It don’t matter who you are What you got or looking for You better get yourself out of the dark Shoot first Ask questions later Who said blind dates don’t work? Right? Am I right? Yeah. I’m gonna go get us a drink. OK. Nancy? Yeah? It’s Nancy Patterson. Do we know each other? Sean. Sean Bellamy. Class G, Saint Andrew’s Comprehensive. ‘ to ‘. I sat next to you in chemistry for five years. I gave you that Valentine’s card in Year . You tore it up in front of everyone. Your mum ran me over that time. Oh, God. Yes, I do remember. Shh. Erm, sorry about that. Oh, God, don’t worry. Glued it back together. It was only about pieces. I meant about the car. But you were so game Fat. Yes. Yeah. That was me, big fat Sean. Lord of the Pies. Emperor Boom-Boom. Now you’re very game Yeah, I went on the : diet. Five days on chocolate Nesquik. and two days strawberry Nesquik. Oh, OK. I lost it all from here and from here. But luckily not from here. Could I just have two beers, please? Hell, yeah. It’s Nancy ing Patterson. Shush. Wow! . HEY” . HEY- These are on me. OK. So good to see you. Thank you. OK, cheers. Ah. Flirting with the barman, I see. What? No. Not at all, no. I was, like, “Whoa, competition.” No, I wasn’t. I’m the least jealous person you’ll meet. Oh, God, me, too, yeah. So, let’s ramp this up a bit. Not that I’m competitive. Nancy. Brought you some nachos. On the house. I’ve got a wheat allergy game No, you don’t. You remember this? What is it? Where’d you get that? In my wallet. Who took it? I did. I don’t remember you ever being in my bedroom. I wasn’t in your bedroom, silly. I was outside. In a tree. Jessica, watch and weep. OK. Why is he calling you Jessica? You’re called Nancy. You’re Nancy Patterson. I’m in a bit of

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