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    Not with that plane, from our cockpit. Collins, you asshole. You thought of everything. It sounds like somebody’s calling us. Andrews hailing unknown aircraft. This is Joint Base Andrews hailing unknown aircraft. You have flown into security airspace without authorization. Say again. This is Joint Base Andrews hailing unknown aircraft. You are ordered to respond. Over. Forget it. We can hear him, but he can’t hear us. Joint Base Andrews hailing unknown aircraft. Respond. You have flown into secured airspace without authorization. How long? Minutes, if that. They won’t want this plane falling to pieces over DC, so they’re going to engage us sooner rather than later. So what do we do? There’s nothing left to do. Bullshit! As long as we’re breathing there’s options! If you have any ideas, now’s the time. Moss said he programmed our heading for some regional airport with a long runway, so that’s where we’re going! But there’s no one to fly the plane. Then we land it ourselves or die trying! I prefer that to rockets up my ass! You’re going to land a passenger jet? No. I said, I’ma try. Now, take your seats. We ain’t got much time. Cole. Thank you. Any advice make it quick. Nose up, gear down. How hard can it be? Cole. You shouldn’t have to do this. I shouldn’t even be on this plane. I’m the one mistake, remember? No. You’re not. You remember that kid you pulled from the burning wreck years ago? Yeah. That was my son. I was ejected from the wreck on impact. They didn’t find me for nearly an hour. You walked into that inferno without a care for yourself. Then you walked out with my boy. You’re here because you’re a hero. And this is exactly what I expected you to do. I screwed up game just about everything I ever touched game my entire life. The one thing I do right game put me here. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Is today the day? Anyone? If anyone can hear this, this is Chariot -. Can anyone hear me? Thought maybe you could use a hand. Strap yourself in. You think that’s the runway? Could be. Are those the F-‘s? Yeah. And they ain’t escorts. Anything I can do? See if you can find the button for the landing gear. This lever says “Gear down.” Pull it. You know game I don’t know what we should be more afraid of game those fighters closing in or game the fact that we’re flying on fumes. Your odds are better in a crash if you’re not loaded with fuel, right? I guess so. You know game I read once that luck is probability taken personally. And that means? I’m just wondering game What do you think the probability is of us surviving this? Not good, man. Well then game Good luck. You, too. You know something. What’s that? I’m not afraid.

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