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Best Monster High Cute Babies

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    the Contemporary class, what do we wear? [chuckles] Use your imagination. All right, then. Good luck. Thank you. [Ruby grunts] What are you doing? I’m so sorry! Forget it. Just watch where you’re going next time. [coins clinking] [upbeat drums] [violin music intensifies] [tempo rises] [PA system beeping] [violin screeches] Love your playing. You’re welcome. [doorbell buzzing] Ruby? Yep, you must be Jasmine. Yeah, but, everyone calls me Jazzy, except my parents. Okay. Come on in! You know, you don’t have to ring the doorbell, you live here. Oh, right. I figure this is my bed, so, I’ll just put my stuff here. Yeah, that’s perfect. You’re on scholarship? Yeah. Me too. It’s my second year. Hey, how did it go with Markova? Great. Really? Someone must have dislodged a broomstick up her butt, because normally she is an uptight witch. Actually, I’m pretty sure the broom is still there. [both laughing] This is cute. You should wear this tonight. Urn, where are we going? We’re going out. But, we have class tomorrow morning. Yeah and this is your first night living on your own in New York City! We are so going out! No, we’re not. Yes, we are! “No! Yes! [Ruby howling] [car honking] I got the red line drafted, that’s right. Hey. I’m waiting for the counter. Okay- Okay, I’ll call you back. Hey, hey, Johnnie. Hi. How are you doing? Yeah, not bad. You want something to drink? No, I’m good, mate. You sure? Yeah. Here you go. It’s all there. Great. So, when do you think you’ll have it by? Soon, don’t worry. I’ll file the papers as soon as I get back to the office. I’ll call you by the end of the week. We should have an update on it. All right, I mean, thank you for handling all this. I guess I’ll see you. I’ll be waiting for your call. You got it, kid. [siren wailing in the distance] [girl] We have the right to be here. [bouncer] I want to see some ID right now. [indistinct chatter] Yo! Wait up. Hey, man. You live upstairs? Uh, yeah, Simon’s place. Oh, that’s cool. You gotta love Inwood, right? Neighborhood is sketchy, but the price is right.

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