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Best Makeup And Spa

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    We’ve been through a lot. This isn’t a chapel. Where are you going? Do you think that’s… No, it’s furniture. Of course it’s Willy. That isn’t his style at all. The wood is way too dark. He didn’t choose it himself. We’ve seen enough. Let’s go. So you really don’t remember what it looked like? Nippe! No! Yes. He looks very… Peaceful. Satisfied. No… Tanned. Do you think they use make-up? The tone is so natural. For a dead person. This puts things in perspective. Better here than there. Imagine if Willy suddenly bounced up. “April fools!” Damn, I’d freak out. Sorry. Guys, you two are my best friends but now I have to ask you to leave. This is between Willy and I. It’s between you and the police, so think again. I have to see it, for the sake of my family’s happiness. I’d like to see it, too. The last time I saw it was in the eighth grade. Okay. Make it quick. This is standard stuff. I’m just feeling my dead friend’s willy. Goddammit! This is why we didn’t tell you. No man should have to know anything about this. Now you know. Let’s go. I have to see it. Stop it! I’m sure it’s really not that big. It just looks big in trousers, like my ski trousers. I look really big in them, even Jaana told me so. Help! Dear God. What are you doing? No, I… Wait. ! A button or something got stuck… You can’t be serious! There are safety pins or something in here. I have to return this suit on Monday. Help me. It’s under there. Where? It’s stuck underneath his ball! Take it out then! Oh my… Goddammit, if someone saw… Can you get it out? Can you see it now? -Wait. Oh my God! This is terrible. Someone else, grab the cock. Where is it? I’ll get it. It’s your button. What’s going on in here? There’s a simple explanation for all of this. We’re all good friends of Willy. Dear Lord! So she doesn’t remember anything? We found her on the floor. Hello. Hello. How is our priest? -She has a concussion and memory loss. But that’s… unfortunate. I’ll go and get ready, so we’ll get our friend in the ground. The priest won’t do anything today.

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