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Best Magical Spa

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  • Best Magical Spa

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    No. Don’t have to him. Just bust his head to a coma. Put him in a permanent sleep. That is funny, though, because game Don’t say that. Don’t say it. Give me it! Give it to him and leave him alone. What is he crying for? ‘Cause he went in there with the little stick. Give it to him. And y’all be nice. I ain’t got it. E’niyah, give it back. Give it to him. And be nice. Don’t start, ’cause I’ll shut down the whole park operation, and everybody can stay home and have naps. No, I game I put to Elijah, because game It’s supposed to be duck, duck, duck, goose! Well, we gotta figure something out, ’cause I’m pregnant. What? I mean, we havin’ a baby. Another one. Yeah. That means bigger place, more room. We’re a team. We’ll do it. A kiss? This what I’m gonna have to deal with in seven months? We can’t reach? It’s gonna be worse. I love you. What’s good? ‘Sup, man? Chilling. Talk to me. What’s up? I’m ready to make some money. Okay. This ain’t no easy game, though. You know that, right? Yeah, I know. How much do you know? I’m not, like, an expert on everything, but I can learn. But if someone wants to run a kilo, how much would they make? Off a kilo alone, running that game He’ll see more than three, five stacks. After you drop off, package is complete game Two minutes, you make one call. “Cookies are finished.” Everything is in code. You never say, “The package is delivered.” ‘Cause then you just signed yourself over. And if you in this, you in this. Ain’t no room for error. There’s no room for slipup. First little small mistake game will get you a large sentence. Once that’s done game You make everything seem so freaking game Everything sounds like a death threat, bro. Well, what path you think we on? I’m trying to game I’m trying to earn some extra cash, man. Bro, if you want to earn extra cash, get a job at Mickey D’s. Come on, man. You know what kind of extra cash I’m talking about. All right. Well, this is what I’m talking about. We talking about the same thing. You said you want to man up. Ain’t no room for boys over here.

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