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Best Magical Massage

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  • Best Magical Massage

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    You’re different. You always know what to do. And that’s why they give you tons of money. I’ll go get some air. Perfect! Everything’s going great. It should be easy. Speak up! Cox game He said I was supposed to kill you after you got the job done. I was just following orders. Where is Cox? I don’t know. I swear I don’t! You’re not going to kill me, right? No. What about my lady friend? She’s safe, ’cause I was supposed to get rid of her! I’ll help you if you want. Can you deliver a message to Cox? Sure. Anything you want. Tell him this. It’s up there. He’s renting the last floor for his business. He’s going to pay for this game and more. We’ll just squash him like a roach! You’re losing your hair. Well done, guys! Good job! Michel. How are you, buddy? What a game! Unbelievable! They’ve just scored! It’s a goal! So what’s the score? -. You’re kidding? That was the score an hour ago! It’s just not the same game. In the pool? Yes. Precisely. How many of them in there? It’s just Cox and some guy. Where? Cox is at his desk and the other guy’s by the door. Michel, don’t! My money- People can be so rude. left, right, right, left. Something to drink? May I? How long have you guys been friends? Why do you ask? For no reason. Michel game What? Thank you. You’re welcome. Christian game put your hands up here. Come on. Don’t look at me like that. We’re not friends. We’re not friends, Christian. And you’re not the toughest. lam. Michel game Shut up. I sent you the Schroeder Commando. And I took care of Faulques. And now, you’re going to disappear. I took your money game I took it all. I feel lonely. So lonely. Don’t leave me, Christian. Don’t leave me. That was quick! What do you want? Where’s my wife? She’s with Blue Angel. Where at? Where at? I don’t know. Claire. Martin! So, will it be Polynesia or the Bahamas? Take me far, as soon as we can. Let’s go, then. Best Magical Massage

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