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Best Heroic Anime Girl

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  • Best Heroic Anime Girl

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    He’s lost a ton of blood. Did you shoot him? What? No! Did Danny? No! No, he was he was with another guy, all right? They were arguing about something, and the other guy just shot him, point blank! Why? I don’t know, all right? I think he owed him money or something. Where’s the other guy now? Danny, go play some video games. Will, where is the other guy now? I killed him. You shot a man in front of our son? I had no choice, all right? We’d witnessed what he had done. He was gonna shoot us next, all right? It was self-defense. What are you Hey, look, you weren’t there, all right? I did what I had to do! Now can you please help this guy before he dies?! He needs a hospital. Yeah, well, there’s no time. The nearest one’s an hour away. Well, we’ll call for an airlift. Laura, you know better than I do, this guy’s running out of time, all right? Do something. Hey, wake up! Wake up! There’s bandages and gauze in my bag. All right. MUSIC PLAYING THROUGHOUT This is gonna hurt. GROANING Shh it’s okay. He’s all right.

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