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Best Hat-style

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    So where are you going to put us down? I’m not. We can’t just fly around forever. Look at your fuel gauge. And your hands are shaking badly. You let me worry about the fuel. And let me explain flying to all of you. When you move up here, you move one move at a time. So what’s our first move? We take a look. What do you mean? I mean, we’re flying blind. It’s night. We’re almost in a stratosphere. In order to see what’s going on down there, I’ve got to get this bird below the clouds. So what’re you waiting for? Do you understand there’s a reason we’re flying twice as high as regular jets? Down there we’re totally vulnerable. We get it. What do you need? More water. On it. And a co-pilot. What? I need a co-pilot. I’m seeing spots. And in case you forgot, I’ve got a slug swimming around in my chest. Doesn’t anyone have flying experience up here? Goddammit! No, no one. I drive a big rig. I’m afraid that’s as close as you’re gonna get. Take a seat. We are so screwed. Belt yourselves in tight. This could be one hell of a rough ride. No one besides Michael has talked about their family. Doesn’t anyone else have family? Kids? I have a cat game had a cat. I have a son. Wouldn’t have pegged you for the mother type. How old? Seventeen. You? Kids? No, not game not yet. You married? Engaged once, but I called it off. He was moving too fast. He was talking about game two kids before I even knew who my bridesmaids were. It all seems so unimportant now. Bring the room down, Emily. I’m just saying, I always thought there would be more time for things. It’s all about time, isn’t it? You always think you’re going to have more. What about you, Ra? All I care about right now is this piece of shit makes it. Me, too. It will. And what makes you so sure? Just a feeling. Oh, God! It’s okay. Moss knows what he’s doing. What do you need me to do here? Just keep your hands on that yoke. I don’t have any strength. That chop we’re feeling game is a cloud cover. We’ll be out of it in just a minute. Keep your eyes peeled. You ever been shot?

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