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Best Girls Pajama Party

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  • Best Girls Pajama Party

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    Best Girls Pajama Party Description

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    This was Ann’s. crash, slam, bang Why do I get the feeling that we’re going out for dinner tonight? Huh? Hey. What’s wrong? Did Mike kill Ann? Could he have done that? What happened? I was in the basement, looking through the boxes for sale. Mike came down. He went crazy when he saw the stuff. I mean he was out of his mind. Because of the boxes? He was like a different guy. I didn’t know this guy. Well, I mean, come on, honey. He threw that stuff out. He never wanted to see it again. I thought he was going to hurt me. If you had seen his eyes… I drove down to meet his father. He lives in a rundown shack, almost. Mike pays him to stay away. He never even met the grandkids. Fine. Fine, so he’s estranged from his family. We already knew that. Tell me something, one thing that…that indicates that he killed Ann. That fling in Chicago… was it a one-night stand? Yes. Yes, that I know. I heard a message on the phone machine. She’s flying in. He’s still seeing her, Tim. You know this for sure? I heard a message today. doorbell rings Hi, Kate. Hi, honey. All right. Here. Listen, Kate. I, um… I want to apologize for yesterday. I don’t know what got into me. I just walked in, and I saw that stuff, and I… It just took me back. I understand. Don’t worry about it. Hey… I do worry about it. I was out of line. And I’m sorry. I’ll see you this afternoon. door squeaks closed I know none of this is conclusive, but it’s just too much to ignore. Billings This might come as a surprise to you, but, none of this is news to me. Mike was always Suspect One. Suspect Two was you. I found that you’d been struggling to have children. Had been seeing a fertility specialist to no avail. Suddenly quit your work at the hospital when asked to work with newborns. You were the only one who knew if Ann was alive or not when you walked into that house. The death of your best friend gave you everything you wanted. But do I think you did it? No, not really. Now Mike is another story. It stunk from square one. Everything you laid out and more.

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