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Best Girl Dressup

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    A celebration? Darling? Offer me what? Anything. Let your imagination run wild. You are so good at that. A Yankee mix. Now me. What would you like to order from me? Ahh. Are you tried of the Russian Irina? I don’t know you enough. So sweet. So charming. How’d you like this accent? This accent’s a little harder to do. It’s an upcharge. Russian’s easy. I just throw that in as part of the deal. You do accents. All day! All night, bloke, if that’s your pleasure. Really? -I’ll give you any accent you like. How’s this, mon amour? Does this work? Does it work? I’ll say it does. Mon amour, I can throw in French free. I kind of like the cockney. You know, the tough girl. Tough girl? Accent upcharge, too. Well, I’ll go the upcharge. Smart move, Daniel. So smart. Daniel? Yes. Yes, Daniel. Call me Daniel. Let’s go for the whole shooting match. Daniel would love that, but not as much as me. Oh, my god. Just look! A gigantic grab bag full of exotic treasures. Oh, my, look at that ring. I loves rings. They’re my fashion statement. Am I too flashy? -No. Exactly the right flashy. Could we see it? Here you go? Ooh! Aren’t you the cutest thing ever? I could just take you in my mouth. Oh, my, I’m getting ahead of myself. Ooh, head… love that. Me, too. How much? . A steal. One of a kind. We’ll take it. Oh, no, no. No kissing. Not on the first date. Sorry. Naughty, naughty, naughty. Love it! Have you ever been in love? Every click of the mouse. I wish I had a dad so I could ask him about love. I hate this conversation. I bought her a ring. Who? The babe from the big box party. Green dress, yellow heels. What’s her name? I don’t know… And I don’t care. You don’t know her name and you bought her a ring? What kind? Diamond. $, and she is worth every penny. Did you charge it? What do you think? How are we money-wise? Ballpark… grand, banked. Our meet the judges’ party cost $,? How can that be? Your mother charged them, right? She did. -Then what is the plus from the party? . ,? No, I said . She comped some, refunded some. $. So we threw a $, party?

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