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Best Frozen Sisters

Best Frozen Sisters


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Best Frozen Sisters Description

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There was a train. None of us would talk. We stopped to wait for the moment of departure. I felt a great joy, seeing myself there with you. In front of a train that was going to take us and unite us for ever. All of a sudden the bell rang, and for a moment I lost notice of everything. I became stunned. I only felt something as if very far away. You kissing me, and going on the train without me, as if we had agreed on it. And I didn’t make an effort to go with you. Then I came back to reality and you were gone. I only saw run past me, the lit, little windows of that old train. that was taking you very fast, as if in an endless fugue. It was then when I opened my eyes, and I saw through that window, the first light of dawn. Only now reality will be different. There will be a station, and a train that will take us, and unite us, in a few hours. But there will be no bell to separate us, like in your dream. Tell me you will never regret it. Never. What time is it? We have little time left. I have to go home and explain to Ignacio. Say goodbye to Juanito Games and change my clothes. Don’t forget the train leaves at . It seems you doubt my decision. I couldn’t bear to lose you twice. I’m leaving. Wait. Don’t do this, Octavio, don’t doubt. It is you, not me, who has the responsability now. You knw that without these documents I will have no choice but to see the train go, and lose everything. I will be there. Ignacio Games wake up. I came to tell you something. Something I shall tell you myself. Do you hear me? Ignacio? Where are you going? Nowhere. Then why did you bring down the bag? Come closer. Look at me. I can’t tell you where I’m headed, but I have to leave. If you don’t understand now, some day you will, and you will say I was right. I’m going to change my life, we shall separate. But we have never separated. You are right, but now it is necessary. For some days, some months. Then you shall come and meet me, and we will never separate from each other again. Get dressed, Juanito, I don’t want you to be late for school.

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