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Best Frozen Queen

Best Frozen Queen


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Best Frozen Queen Description

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Throw it away! I’ll repair it myself! Throw it away! Ah at last! Excuse me miss, can I tell you something? Come on. Tell the lady that I’m shy! Is it possible that in Rome you can’t eat before pm? Are you renovating? We’re putting neons. Don’t be so mean, don’t let me suffer Radio How painful! Am I bleeding? Good afternoon. How’s your wife? So-so. And the kids? Fine, thanks. I’m glad. Good afternoon, Prince. Good afternoon, dear Radio Hello. Mrs Nella, the Prince is here. Good morning, Don Annibale. Hi, nella. All new! Did you notice? We’re putting neons. We must modernize. Says who? If something is old, leave it as is. Because if you try to modernize, you might not be liked. What would you think if I got a rockabilly haircut? See? You’d be laughing. I’ll always be in love with you, you know it. He knows it, but let’s eat now. That’s why I come here. Not for the good food, but because the hostess is in love with me. Oh, fine! Let’s just talk. Well, look, I must confess you something Radio when I was a little girl, and I saw you get on your carriage Radio They think I’m stupid. What’s up, Fricando? What do they care if I already cooked kg of stew? kg of stew!? Where are they? One wants the steak, the other wants loin, or baked meat, but not the stew! Cursed be the priests! Fine, make it a steak. They do it on purpose. Insipid. If someone asks for stew, I bet they say we don’t have it. Hey! What are you doing? No, it’s fine! Fricando, another steak. Up yours! Stop! You want to go to jail? Mind your own business. What’s in here? Meatballs! My God! And you never noticed me. Of course, you were eleven. Here I am! I’m the queen, saint and popess, the throne is mine, give it back, or I’ll send all of you to the caverns. All of you! Your queen says so. Here, queen. Italians, thieves, filthy pigs, all of them scoundrels. Idlers, tramps, and all good for nothing. Thanks, queen. I’m going to bury you all in the sewers. Ah, her majesty is here! Queen, didn’t you write to America today? The queen wrote, and they answered with a telegram.

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