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Best Friends Forever Time

Best Friends Forever Time


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Best Friends Forever Time Description

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Best Friends Forever Time The seventhDay Sabbath of the ten commandments In preference for the more popular roman Sunday. Some Christians mistakenly thought That you should fast on the Sabbath But you could feast on Sunday. That’s what the pagans did, They feasted on Sunday, fasted on Saturday. Not a Jewish concept, The Jews fasted Friday and feasted Sabbath, But that’s how some Christians thought of it. So if you’re fasting on one day and you’re feasting on the next, You can guess which day becomes the more popular day. And Christ is resurrected on a Sunday There’s a very natural tendency, therefore, To mark that and celebrate that. There’s a third reason And that is the influence of sun worship That creeps into the church And when sun worship begins to creep into the church, Constantine can make use of that To lead to the exaltation of Sunday, The day of the sun, As being the day that people should worship on. This gradual departure From god’s law over the centuries Has become so widely accepted That most are shocked to learn that Sunday keeping Has no foundation in the bible. In ad Constantine published the edict of Milan, Establishing Sunday as a day of rest. The emperor’s Sunday law Had nothing to do with Christianity, It was actually to honor the main Grecoroman sun god Called Helios, or Apollo. The emperor Constantine became a convert to Christianity And also, because he remained partial to the sun god, The emperor Constantine Moved the day of worship from Saturday the Sabbath, As had been traditional in Judaism, obviously, To Sunday, the day of the sun god. And ever since Christian folks, at least for the most part, Overwhelmingly have held their day of worship on Sunday Rather than Saturday. This is clear from another edict of Constantine, Given in ad, when the emperor ordered: “On the venerable day of the sun “Let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, And let all workshops be closed.” Notice, the edict uses the word “sun,” sUN. It’s also recorded that Constantine the great Made a law for the whole empire That Sunday

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