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Best Friends Forever summer Semester

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  • Best Friends Forever summer Semester

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    Best Friends Forever summer Semester Description

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    Best Friends Forever summer SemesterTwo In One” will begin in the movie theater on the fourth floor in five minutes. What’s that? Boys. Cats. The cafeteria on the ground floor offers you a wide choice of lowcalorie, vegan and simply delicious takeout foods! You shouldn’t stand here. Are you deaf? Hello. Honey? I’m calling from a store. A store? I’m in front of the store. Honey, I’ve bought a magnifying glass and a traveling bag. Italianmade. Italian? Yes, honey, I know I buy things we don’t need. It’s true. I’ll put my necessary things from the suitcase into my new traveling bag and leave the damn suitcase in the car. Hurry up! I am, but without hassle. The timing is perfect, honey Game I’m not so sure. You’ve missed a plane before. Besides, honey, be a psychologist. Hem. You put so many unnecessary things into that giant suitcase. I would have been doomed to admiring your knowledge of my habits, whims and vices throughout the journey Game Does it oppress you? No, but I felt like getting rid of the tyranny of things that anticipate all my wishes and buying something unnecessary, into the bargain. A gulp of freedom? Is it a handsome bag? Hello? Yes, honey, yes, I liked this middlesized Game Well? Italian bag of good leather. I want to tell you, Honey? It is the epitome that I think your collar of traveling light. Is too tight for you, no? Honestly, I’ve been meaning to buy it for some time. Uhhuh. But couldn’t make up my mind until now. Honey? Now I’ll take only the absolutely necessary things from the damn old suitcase and leave it in the trunk. You won’t make it if you go on blabbering like this! Okay. Honey? What the hell Game I haven’t had anything to eat for three days. Mister, spare me a Get lost! Mister, I’ll sing you any song Game Piss off! I haven’t had anything to eat Game Yesyesyes Game I have put some money there. You know how to rub a cat? You have to rub the places it can’t reach with its paws. I’ve put some money in your right pocket. Take this cat it’s cold! It lets you stroke it. Its eyes are like a tiger’s! Theoretically, I could.

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