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Best Friends Forever summer Semester Adventure

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  • Best Friends Forever summer Semester Adventure

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    Best Friends Forever summer Semester Adventure Description

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    And please welcome chub and bone, the founders and sole judges of “selfie shootout.” Hey! Hey! What’s up? What’s up? Chub and bone, thank you… No! Thank you. Yeah, you. You’re awesome! For allowing the k-dik family to broadcast what we feel is going to be major breaking news around the world. You make my dad very happy. He loves k-dik’s breaking news format. Okay. Thumbs up to that! Oh, oh. And it is our pleasure to award one babe, woman… Or girl! The opportunity to snap her stuff and win one million dollars! Yeah! Tonight is the biggest night in all the selfie world, and we’re expecting one spectacular shootout. Chub and bone, any last words before our pose off and we award the unbelievable one million dollar prize? Bang, bang! Let’s get it on! Boom! What the what? Yeah! Okay, let the shootout begin. First up is Amber. There she is! Yeah, look at those shoes! Shoes! They look expensive. Bang, bang. Hey, boys. Hey, what’s up? Looking good! The competition is just heating up. Next is one of my personal favorites… Tiffany! Yeah! Okay, stop it. Yeah, Tiffany! Oh, ho! Yes! Looking good, looking good. Oh, yeah. Strut those legs. Get those legs, girl. Snap it. Snap it, girl. Oh, yeah. Nice. Ooh, okay. I almost got that one. Yep. Stunning, as in stun gun. Ouch! I don’t even know what to say about that tidy performance, but then I’m not the judge tonight. No, I am. Yes, you are. Fellas, you ready for number three? Yeah. Oh, yeah! I’m so ready! I mean, I’m good. “Selfie shootout” contest number three, please. Oh, yeah! Oh. Va-Va-voom! That’s what I’m talking about! Hi, beautiful! Nice. Whoa! That’s what I’m talking about. Sophisticated. Love it! Oh, hello! Oh! What? Yeah! I’m in that one! Me, too. Ha ha! Ooh! It’s been a really exciting shootout to the death, winner take all. No money for second or third place. Judges, have you made a decision? Former FBI agent Zoey! Oh, wow! I didn’t see that coming. I did! Thank you! Thank you! Hi, beautiful. These are for you. Oh! Oh, you’re so handsome. Oh, stop it. That’s my boy.

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