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Best Fashionable Party

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    the feast as l feel suddenly dizzy. Don’t worry. l’ll explain to the king well so that he doesn’t have to be worried. Your highness, Kim Min-jae is said to start to move. How long did l sleep? A bit less than hours. Even Heaven shall not know what you would do today. Let me pay the respect to your majesty and your highness. Where is princess? She could not come as she is a bit ill so sent her regards to you. Gosh, is she ill? Not in a serious condition. She seemed to feel dizzy as she is a bit feeble. lf sister is ill, please send her the herbal medicine, your majesty. Yes Games Due to that Games l would like to return to attend her. Please allow, your majesty. Of course, l will. He’s such a sweet husband. Any message from peony? We sent the soldiers to the apppointed place. ls everything ready? Yes, sir. Everyhing is perfectly prepared. l’ll forgive what you did last time. However Games we should make it sure today. l can’t stand being lost to anyone. Once you receive the token of my affection, you should give me something in return. l changed my mind that your father shall do better than you who cannot behave like a person should. Cannot behave? Are you crazy? Repeat that again. Repeat with your filthy mouth! This filthy mouth. l shall reap this Games Attack! What is the fuss? Go and find out now! Your majesty, your highness, you should shelter yourselves. What are you looking at? Go and guard the king! Stop right now! Your majesty, they plotted treason against you. No, they cannot be. lt should be Prince Jung-an who set up the soldiers! Lord Sambong! How dare you lie in front of the king? Bang-won, how dare you? Your majesty, Kim Min-jae assigned the soldiers at the east gate plotting the treason against you! lt’s slander, your majesty! lf he is not plotting the treason, how come the soldiers to guard outside the capital are all inside the palace? Lord Sambong and Kim Min-jae plotted treason to kill me and other lords who found out about their relative, and king’s son-in-law, Kim Jin’s adultery and

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