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    Can you answer me that? Yes. A teacher who doesn’t try to, like Baxter. Rather true, Max. Thank you. Look out, it’s Old Blood and Iron. That’s just their humour. Yes. What do they call you? “Ditchie.” Ditchie? That’s not too bad. It’s short for “ditchwater,” and that is a simile for “dull.” Good morning. Sit down. Suttelwick? You seem to have chosen rather an eccentric costume for class. I’m playing in the final of the junior tennis competition. At what time? Twelve-thirty, sir. At :, you will still be in class, Sutterwick. I thought I told you. Mr. Baxter said I could play. Did I tell you? The period is supposed to end at . It ends when I say it ends, Sutterwick, and that is . When the bell rings at , I’m going, sir. You’ve no light to keep the others in either. I have two kinds of right, Sutterwick. The right which would be translated into Latin by the word fas game game meaning a sacred duty game game and the light which is given me by power. The first I don’t expect you to understand. The second, I do. Sit down, please. Your Homer, page , line . Simpson, will you begin? “Yea, I will tell thee clearly and say but the truth. Mentes, I boast to be Anchialus’ son. And among the Taphians. men of the oar, I am king. I came hither game ” They think I do nut understand They think I do not hear or see I only wish they knew I do understand I only wish they understood me “In the haven of Rheithlon.” That is remarkably fluent, Simpson game game but I think I would prefer the words to be your own game game rather than those of Professor Jacobs’ Easy Guide to the Classics. Would you be good to detach the page from that work that you’ve glued to your book? Hand it to me. Take punishment lines and proceed. My dear Baxter, what an absurd fuss over a game of tennis. A game of tennis? It is the final of the junior cup. It’s still a game of pat-ball with a piece of framed catgut game game an unworthy subject for a quarrel between housemasters. When you make jokes to Baxter against tennis, better duck. He didn’t only get a tennis

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