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Best Fairy Tales 4

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  • Best Fairy Tales 4

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    Go on. Eurgh! It’s like Games frog skins and rotten fish! It’s foulsome and maggotwise, isn’t it, eh? chuckles Couldn’t you get some other food? You could pick carrots and cauliflowers just round our village. And apples! What? Never! I is a very honourable giant. I does not go snitching things. You snitched me. groans Yes. And now, I Games I can’t help thinking about your poor mother and father. I don’t have a mother and father. They died when I was a baby. You Games You is a norphan then? Yes. Where you took me from, that was the orphanage. Norphanages is nice and jubbly places, eh? All except ours. Hmm? Doesn’t you have happy times there? I hate it. If you do the slightest thing wrong, Mrs Clonkers gives you punishments. How punishment? Well, if you don’t fold your clothes properly or something, she locks you in the cellar. The rotten old rotrasper! She leaves us in the dark and there are great big rats down there. You get really frightened. Oh Games sniffs Oh Games That is the horridest thing I has heard in years. sobs You poor little scrumplet. sobs Please don’t cry. B Games BFG. sniffs I can’t help it. You is making me so sad. Sophie It’s alright. I’m not there any more, am I? BFG No, but you is here. And those other giants will swallow you up if they catches one tiny glimp of you. And it’s all my fault. Cos I kidsnatched you. giant grunts Why did you? Because if I has not wiggle you away, you is Games yodelling around everybody hows you seen a giant and then they comes hunting me and capturing me and putting me in a zoo. That’s true. So Games you will just have to be staying here with me. What? Forever? Who will look after me? What? Well, me, the BFG! I is going to be your mother, your father, and your aunty and your ankle. chuckles You can help me with the dreams. But how can you help someone with a dream? Hey, can you keep a whoppsy big secret? Hmm. My job is to go scuddling out every night, when people is fast asleep Games roars both gasp Hello. Hello, Bloodbottler. squeaks What you got in here, eh? Nothing.

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