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    nd you’re like: “Well, what if game ? I’m not doing anything anymore. Like, I should be doing something. “When I’m feeling loved, I feel warm and safe and protected. NICK: For the most part it’s back to normal. At school, everybody knows him as Batkid. It was at the perfect age that this wish happened. If he would’ve been older, it would’ve gone more to his head. That’s why after the baseball, when he threw out the first pitch game we were kind of like, let’s kind of stop it, so he doesn’t get conceited. We don’t want that at all. He has the Batkid suit still. He doesn’t wear it unless he’s doing something with EJ. Remember what to do if the hood comes down over your eyes? You just go, “Can’t see. Can’t see. It’s like having a new little brother. Who are you? Batman! NICK: He’ll wear a piece here and there when he’s playing dress-up. But, like, the whole thing together is for work. If there’s no work to be done, he’s not putting it on. NATALIE: And obviously he had fun game but I don’t think he really got it. What are they dancing around for? BATMAN: Believe it or not, they’re dancing for you. NATALIE: He saw all the people and stuff. But he didn’t understand why it impacted them so much game and why it made everyone so happy. TAYLOR: I think that we all like to play, and we all forget how to play. And we desperately need it. EJ: When kids are kids game there’s a time during every day that they run absolutely as fast as they can. And then when you’re a grown-up, at some point you stop doing that. With the Batkid day, there were so many reasons not to do it. Good news is, he didn’t have the grown-up part of him that said you couldn’t do something. ZIMMER: Listen to a little boy. Listen to somebody dreaming. Listen to somebody having a preposterous plan. In a funny way, that’s how I live my life. Everybody wanted me to become an accountant or something. If you’re a musician, everybody tells you: “Don’t do it. It’s impossible. And Miles was saying the same things. He was saying, “But why are you guys telling me it’s impossible? MAN: So was this what you guys expected? Mm-hm. No. No. No. Don’t take no for an answer. One thing that struck me was how many people were holding up signs saying: “Save us, Batkid And I looked at those signs and I thought: “You mean that literally. In helping him to live this dream game we were saving ourselves. We were saving something rotten about our grown-up souls. And we were remembering something very important. We wonder why we’re not happy a lot of the time game and it’s because we forget this sort of thing. But here was an event that forced us to remember.

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