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Best Fabulous Spring Colors

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  • Best Fabulous Spring Colors

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    life, you became a murderer. Si Fan won’t become you. You’ve ruined her life. Ian. You must take your revenge. If you don’t Games you’ll live in shame forever. Si Fan. It’s easy to take my life. It’s easy to take my father’s life, too. But if you take that shot, you will have to bear the burden of a murderer forever. Give me that gun! Wei Bang! Wei Bang! So, I’m the one that deserves to die. I deserve to die Games I deserve to die! You’re awake. You’ve been here all this time? A doctor should stay by her patient. Wei Bang. You’re always dreaming, but I always have to be in reality. Perhaps we’re meant to be on different paths. Somet things Games won’t just go away when the camera stops rolling. Wei Bang. By the time you read this, I will have already left the city. For thirteen years, My life has been about revenge. There was nothing else. I always felt that my soul had left with my sister and my father. All that’s left Games is a hollow dried shell. That is, until I met you. Thank you for letting me play Du Juan. I realized that living for revenge will only leave more hollow shells like Shen and me in this world. Forgiving others is an act of kindness to myself. When I finally came to this realization, my heart was filled with gratitude and happiness. I could breathe freely once more. Wei Bang. Love always feels better than hate. Du Juan has moved on to her next life. And so will I. It’s time to embrace my freedom. Kong Ian. Look at that, Ian! It’s so pretty! When your sister becomes a huge star, We’ll buy one for each of us. Where has she been? Walking beneath the moonlight. Carrying on with persistence. On this freezing night, Her mind is shrouded in fog. She takes warmth from memories. She’s not lost. The face in my memory. The thoughts in my mind. I can’t see what I long for. There’s nothing left to say. The phantoms in my heart long for the past to return. The hand I’ve held before. Will it slip away? The wind passes by. Singing of reunions. I remain here. It’s hard to look back at this lingering sadness.

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