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    He cashed three checks. They all cleared. I was going to deposit this one today. I don’t want any trouble. No trouble. No trouble at all. We’ll just take this check and be on our way. Thank you. Good. Because I don’t want my customers harassed. Each one she passes d goes ahh game What are you saying, he’s still here? . Oh, but he watches d so sadly game Thank you. Corner here. Oh, thanks, son. How can he tell her d he loves her game Some steps. Steps. Hey, Mr. Murphy, how are you? Is that Frank? Yeah, it’s Frank. Hey, Frank, how are you? How’s the knee? Come on, I’ll race you right now. CHUCKLING Take care. Okay, Frank. AMDURSKY: “Eyeball the back”? Come on, Carl, this guy’s a pen and ink man. A goddamn paperhanger. He doesn’t even carry a gun. Why can’t we go with you, Carl? You just keep your eyes open, do your job and I’ll buy you both a Good Humor bar. GRUNTS GASPS It’s all right, ma’am. FBI. WHIMPERS game , . game game game game game ANXIOUS BREATHING MUSIC BUILDING DRAMATICALLY FBI! CRUNCHING TOILET FLUSHING FBI! Come out of the bathroom! Step out of the bathroom! Hands on your head. Oh, that’s the new IBM Selectric. Put your hands on your head. Shut up! You can change the print type in five seconds. Just pop out the ball. Put your hands on your head! Put your hands game ! You know, he’s got over checks here. Hands on your head! A gallon of India ink, drafting. Put it down. Even has little payroll envelopes game addressed to himself from Pan Am. Put it down! Drop it! Relax. You’re late, all right? My name’s Allen, Barry Allen. United States Secret Service. Your boy just tried to jump out the window. My partner has him in custody downstairs. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You think the FBI are the only ones on this guy? I mean, come on. Come on, he’s dabbling in government checks here. We’ve been following a paper trail on this guy for months now. Hey, you mind taking that gun out of my face? Please. Really. I mean, it makes me nervous. Let me see some credentials.

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