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Best Elsa The Snow Princess

Best Elsa The Snow Princess


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Best Elsa The Snow Princess Description

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No, I want to go see Pulcinella. Stop it, Giancarlo! Stop it, Giancarlo! Sunday we’ll go to the beach. I know a place where the food is heavenly. Yeah, right, it’s food you’re after Radio No, no beach. Yes, let’s go to the beach. We’ll have fun. The police, the police! Police, guys! Hey, you! Who is it? Ah, you’re one of us! Hi! Leave her alone! Why? What will you do? You leave her alone! What do you care? She’s my niece. If it’s true, I’m sorry Radio I’ll comply. I remind you that he’ll take her to the beach tomorrow Radio so don’t blame me. Is he there? I think so. Didn’t he stop you last night? No way. Then he’s dumb. No, he’s shy. He waits, hiding in a corner, then he follows me as soon as I go out. And you? I pretend I don’t see him. I walk slower and slower. And he catches up with you? No, he slows down, too. Then he must be a policeman, not an admirer Radio One moment, I’ll see if anyone is there. Good evening, I’m Federico di Roviano. Ah, good evening, Prince! I almost didn’t recognize you. It’s been so many years! Dear Antonio, how are you? Fine, thanks. I didn’t expect you so early. The lawyer said you’d be coming next week. Yes, it’s true. Lovely! Is she your daughter? No, an employee. Is the door open upstairs? I’ll get the key. Fredy! Yes my dear. I was just going to call you. Let’s go upstairs! Antonio! Coming! This way, please. So this is the famous palace. Yes, do you like it? Who’s he? A relative of don Annibale? Yes, his nephew. He hasn’t shown up in years and now he reappears only because of the inheritance. Did you see? They’re not married. Sharp eyes! Well, it’s the first thing I look at. Doesn’t this spinet work? It’s over years Radio Really? The library is this way. Fredy Radio Excuse me, Eileen. I’m so sorry I couldn’t see uncle Annibale before he died. You thought of it too late. Do you remember when you got locked in the attic with the suitcases and aunt Annalisa missed her train? Certainly, you locked me in! I don’t know to explain it, but it’s always odd to come back to a place

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