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Best Elsa Makeup Time

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    Don’t wake, you’d have to come down And sometimes secretly We all need to know There’s somewhere deep in dreams Where only we can go If you could stay forever Would you? Quick, look! There’s one behind you! Catch it! Somewhere safe in dreams Where no one else can go yells Wait! Look out! Look out! Got you. Sophie What is it? What have you caught? A trogglehumper. – Sophie Is it an animal? Oh, no, it is a dream. It is the horridest evil dream of all. – Sophie Why are we keeping it then? Take it home and locks it away, and then no little toddlers will be having scary nightmares. Sophie Oh, let’s get it home! door creaks Sophie Where are we going? We cannot be leaving all the tiny toddlers without their dreams. We just has to pack up our suitcase first. – Sophie What, here? No. door hisses BFG Here, in my dream cave. Sophie gasps Oh, BFG. It’s like heaven. BFG They is dreams. All dreams. Sometimes I comes down here just Games just to look at them. Sophie I could look at them forever. It’s Games it’s magic! BFG Dreams is very mysterious things, but they is not magic. Dreams is real. Like this frightsome trogglehumper. Now we has to go and lock him away with all the other nasty grogswitchers. BFG There. Now he won’t be scaring any little chiddlers. quiet tinkling mutters What are you doing? Hmm? I is writing my labels, so I is knowing what is in the bottles. Can you really tell what the dream is just by listening to it? All I can hear is a sort of tinkling. BFG Ooh! You has very good ears. That is dream music. A sort of language. What does it mean? BFG Oh, it’s just a dream about a little boy who is becoming invisible. Great! Can we take it with us? mutters I has to give it an ending first. How do you mean? BFG tuts You human beans does not know much, does you, eh? Dreams is not like stories. Dream is more like Games Hmm Games Like pictures in books. If I is wanting to make a story, I has to mix up lots of dreams together. Oh. Ah. Here is an ending. “I is not liking algebra, so I is frightening Mr Grummit,

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