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Best Elsa is Having a Baby 21

Best Elsa is Having a Baby 21


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Best Elsa is Having a Baby 21 Description

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Maybe we could be friends? Evo moaning Right, except now I want to eat you. Don’t you see the problem? crying Oh, what am I gonna do? Well, if you ask me Eat them. screaming No, they aren’t food, they’re friends. Delicious looking friends. screaming If you eat your friends, they won’t want to be friends with you. Fine. screaming Now get it together. Deep, let’s move. Which way’s the current? Who cares, let’s just get out of here. Uh, hi guys. shouting Look, really sorry about that back there. It’s so embarring. Let’s start over could we? My name’s Maura. Charmed. Uh, I’m Deep. Uh, this is Evo and Alice. We’re on our way west to the City of Men. So, we got to like Run for our lives. Toodle-oo. That’s a dangerous trip. I can help you. I can protect you against predators. Alice You are a predator. I mean way worse predators. And look, I will % not eat you, at all. My word’s my bond. Please, can I come? Well Please? I, uh Don’t leave me alone. crying Well, we See Ugh, whatever, come on. Alice And Evo Deep! chuckles Excuse me, it’s Maura, isn’t it? Lovely name. Can I get a quick word with my colleague here, please? grunting Are you out of your mind? Do you have any idea how many friends she’s probably eaten? Uh, excuse me. Didn’t you hear her? No eating, %. You can’t beat % Come on, she’s got an honest face. Alice And an unhingeable jaw! I say she’s in. Okay, team, let’s move. Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. I don’t know what to say. You got it, sir. Thank you, sir. sighs Friends don’t eat friends. Friends don’t eat friends. Friends don’t eat friends. screaming Citizens, help is on the way. Deep will find Nathan. I give you my word. Crayfish clearing throat Just remain calm and vocalizing What is it? Oh no, nothing. Forget it. No worries. No, what it is it that’s so important that you interrupted me? Maybe you and I should talk over there? There are no secrets in my colonies. Speak. I don’t want to impose. Come up here, next to me, right now and say your peace, citizen. Really? Just do it. Oh, hey. Hi, everybody.

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