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Best Dress Up Time

Best Dress Up Time


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Best Dress Up Time Description

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What are you doing here? Man, who invited this guy? The drone comes, so do I. Can’t afford to have you crash another one. Oh, my baby did not crash your.. Are you kidding me? You made me crash it! I made you crash? Knock it off. Knock it off! If we’re gonna do this, we have to work as a team. Oh, we’re doing this. You don’t even want to know what we had to do to score that chum. Disgusting. How old are you, please. All right, here’s the deal. Felice and I are gonna ride on Dad’s boat Games Who’s Dad? while Fletcher and Kaplan ride on Troy’s. Fletcher, Kaplan and I ride on Troy’s boat. No, no, no, I don’t think you want to do that, please. Whoa! Whoa! The boys will be in charge Games of chumming on that boat. ‘Cause it’s faster Games but that also means the shark will be chasing them. Oh, the shark is chasing us? Right, so– Who’s Dad? Target distance for detonation is miles southwest from here. Anybody? . miles. How did we come up with a number like that? Captain Dad. That’s how far Coronado Island is Games and that’s where I first saw this thing. Cool. And it should be far enough away from the coast Games in case he explodes. Uh, how big of an explosion are we talking about here? Just, you know, curious. I don’t know, like a megaton. [KAPLAN] Megaton? A megaton is equivalent to a million tons of dynamite. Awesome, does anyone have SPF ? How far do we have to be when this thing blows? About miles. How fast your boat go? knots is the fastest I’ve gotten her to go, so far. [FELICE] The fastest. [TROY] Yup. knots, that’s about two and a half minutes. That’s how long we have to get away. Wow. Yeah, we have to chum every three miles Games otherwise we may lose him. [FLETCHER] That’s why I made this. A little modification I slapped together. Flying buckets of chum. Oh, that’s great, just make sure and save it Games for when we’re on Troy’s boat. You distract him with that thing, lure it out to sea Games and we’ll haul ass back to shore. How far is your range on that thing? Uh, oh, it’s beefed up.

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