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Best Dinner preparation

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  • Best Dinner preparation

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    They had to auto-tune everything. Did you like the latest one? Blue and White Roots. That’s a pile of shit. “Candyfloss Love.” What’s that supposed to be? I like the Lilja who sings about champagne, summer, and women. In that one, he’s like a cooing lovebird. Aren’t people allowed to be in love? You don’t have to make shitty music. Has it been a busy night? This second bachelor party almost tops the first one. Never mind, Tuomas. At least you got a T-shirt. He had used it as an oil rag. I wonder where Antti is. I don’t know. Probably sleeping. Oh. You two. We’re truly sorry about everything that’s happened. There’s been a lot happening at once. A bachelor party and this funeral. And Tuomas is getting married today. Maybe you’ll invite the prostitutes to the wedding. -They’re strippers. Antti … Malena… Thanks again for last night. I mean… Apparently… …you were good to me. I don’t remember any of it, but maybe it’s for the best. Well, you understand. Comprendo. Adios. Vaya con Dios. Si. Vamos a la playa. Did you sleep with her? Tell me! Did you ? We expect our lives to be free from suffering. When things don’t work out as they’re supposed to we feel it’s unfair. We become wounded and angry. But if we let vengefulness take over… Why is Malena glaring at me? I was a good pallbearer. Yeah. Birgitte is mad about the stripper thing. That’s for sure. Why is Carola looking at you like you’re scum? -Shut the up. The family has requested Henrik’s friend Tuomas to perform for us. Go ahead, Tuomas. No. I’m sorry… That was dated information. We shall sing hymn together. Maybe it’s better if you don’t sing. Hey, Carola! Wait up! I will never bother you again, but I need something. Let it go. Your chance has passed. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that no one hears your album. Right, okay. Where’s my stuff? On the roadside between Vanajanlinna and Hämeenlinna. Huh? Hey, priest! Did you come by car? How come none of the guests gave us a ride? Just to the city. If I’d seen a free striptease show, I would’ve offered a ride.

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