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Best Devilish Cute Pet Salon

Best Devilish Cute Pet Salon


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Best Devilish Cute Pet Salon Description

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You should be patient andlook for an opportunity. We should first let enemy spend energies and then overtake. Opponent already tired cannot face that attack. Patience is the victory and is the powerful weapon You have seen strength of the opponent till now. Show your power now. That is it Come on kill guys Stop! A man hitting one and my grandson hitting so many That is it It would take years for him to get up,will you be there till then? Hey priest Gundappa! When you came to my house and took my sister,I observed your love on her. Now, even my sister observed that love and is wishing to marry you. I too have decided to get her married to you,who can love her more than me. Meera, you are my first love I felt very sad when you said about Siddarth. When you said about your problem, I came here to let you both get together thinking you too should not feel sad like me. Meera, reason for Siddarth to let you go is his family The fear of what would happen to them and that is the importance he gave to his family. You too would become his family if Siddarth marries you. Think what all he can leave and sacrifice for you then. Every person in love may not have the power to fight a war. But should have heart full of love and Siddarth has that. Meera, Chandramukhi loved me. But she lied with you as our love should win. In real, I too wished to be in her support when I heard of her past. Do you know what she did to save me now? When I made father of Chandramukhi fooled with a false fate and get her married to my son, your grandson came in the right time and blocked my plans. You will now die in my hands and your grandson will die in the hands of my son. I am not killing you for the cheating you did to me and my dad. ::. –> ::. align:center But for thinking to kill the good people. Grandpa, you go and save Chai. Life takes us to many places, but love takes to the place where life exists. Chai.. it is your luck to get a girl thinking just like you. I am very happy for you. Congratulations! Meera, I thought all these days to have come here just to make you both meet But,

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