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Best Cover Girl

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    Who do you think you are? Rosa Parks? What a damn farce. Yo, we in a hurry like a Ferguson and Staten Island jury. Those judges were fair, look y’all, nobody cares! Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Rekia Boyd and Freddie Gray, black lives matter, everyday. Not just when you trigger happy cops go astray. Dude, you think sista’ Sandra Bland hung herself? You kill us with impunity. You give them the opportunity. ‘Cause we kill each other like flies, you rogue cops think you can capitalize. You thugs don’t care about each other. Why should we? Thugs? Who the you calling a thug? Because we are we. No matter what our problems are, we deserve respect. Even though our lives ain’t perfect, we deserve respect! Even though we live in terror town, we deserve respect. And if you don’t understand that, then brother, step back. You and your Dr. Ben Carson lack! Kill it! Killing dat , huh! Chi-Raq! No! Wanna cum? Yeah. Yeah game How’d you learn to make love so good? Repetition. They call Chi-Raq the magician! You are crazy like glue. Yeah. One time, I saw my mom and this dude getting it in. Right after my daddy got killed, Dude named Blue Monday used to come round and try to pimp on my morn. She turned a few rent tricks, I think. Kill me! Kill me! Kill me! Kill this . Kill this . Come on. Nigga, didn’t I tell your skinny black ass to knock before you come into my bedroom? I’m sorry, Mommy. Demetrius, close the goddamn door. Demetrius, go! Did you understand they was making love? That’s what they were doing? Looked more like fighting, ing and screwing. Blue Monday knew that I saw him in moms, her name was Lucy. So one day he just pulled me aside, yanked my chain lays me with the game, tell me how to pull es and everything. Then he soft-pitched me my first piece. I was like twelve years old game Taught me how to be a man and shit. Handed me his baddest bottom as a present for washing his Cadillac. God. I know, right. I should’ve got like two or three es! Washed the shit out of that Cadillac. Where’s your moms now?

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