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Best Cover Girl

Best Cover Girl


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right here. Right there? See? BOTH GIGGLING They’re called routing numbers. So where do the checks get routed to? You know, I don’t exactly know. Nobody ever asked me that before. BOTH LAUGHING AUCTIONEER: Our next item up for bid is also from the Jersey Central Bank foreclosure. This is a MICR encoder a machine used to encode bank checks. Do I have an opening bid? HANRATTY: Our unknown subject is a paperhanger who started working on the East Coast. In the last few weeks, this unsub has developed a new form of check fraud which I’m calling “the float.” What he’s doing is he’s opening checking accounts at various banks then changing the MICR ink routing numbers at the bottom of those checks. Next slide, please. PROJECTOR CLANKS Next slide, please. Uh, the remote thing is broken. You’ll have to do it by hand. You’ve gotta game try the game Agent Mullen, it should be game it should be the square button just there by the side. This carousel doesn’t work. It’s a bad carousel you got there. Thank you, Agent Mullen. Got to move it manually. This is a map of the banks of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Slide. CLICKING MICR scanners at every bank read these numbers at the bottom of a check game slide game and then, ship that check off to its corresponding branch. Carl, for those of us who are unfamiliar with bank fraud you mind telling us what the hell you’re talking about? The East Coast branches are numbered zero-one to zero-six. The central branch is zero-seven, zero-eight so on, so forth. You mean those numbers on the bottom of a check actually mean something? All of this was in the report I filed two days ago. If you change game a zero-two to a one-two that means that check, which was cashed in New York does not go to the New York Federal Branch but it is rerouted all the way to the San Francisco Federal Branch. The bank doesn’t even know the check has bounced for two weeks which means our unsub can stay in one place paper the same city over and over again while his checks circle the country. You know,

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