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Best Cool Rainbow Dress

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  • Best Cool Rainbow Dress

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    Rea y? You think it’s serious? Yes, it’s serious. Very serious, even. If we work together, do we share everything? Sure. Fine. A right. Okay. Which shoes go best with my dress? The b ue or the white? B ue. Now fiction overtakes rea ity. Now there’s b ood and mystery. Now I fee ike I’m caught up in a Wa t Disney movie, but with Humphrey Bogart, so it’s a po itica movie. DR. SAMUE KORVO AESTHETIC AUTOPSIES What’d you do to Unc e Edgar? You his nephew? Yes, ma’am. Don’t mind me. Is he dead? I’m the person he want to ta k to. Wi you ca the po ice? Abso ute y not. What’s your name? David Goodie. Who’s she? The gir I ove. Doris Mizoguchi. We were vacationing in Paris at Unc e Edgar’s invitation. How ong were you in Paris? Exact y? Yes, exact y. How ong were you in Paris? Exact y? Yes, exact y. Exact y Radio years. Rea y? Just as I thought. You must not have seen your gir friend often. Rare y. She iv too far away. I on y saw her dai y. Mornings for breakfast, midday for unch, afternoons for tea, sometimes between tea and dinner, then for a movie or a p ay after dinner. She cou dn’t come often. She iv too far away. She iv in the suburbs. Since the suburbs aren’t Paris, and Paris isn’t France, she had to get a visa every time she came to see me. But cou dn’t you go see her? Sure, but on y outside breakfast, unch, tea and dinner. You’re a rea moron. If I was a moron, I wou dn’t speak French. So what are you doing in At antic-Cité? “In this mirror I am enc os a ive and rea as one imagines the ange s, not ike ref ections.” What are you writing? A nove that’ never end and that I’ ca The Unfinish Nove. “Who is that actress with iris eyes so heavy and dark ike a bouquet? The Japanese gir sudden y ook something ike a Manet. Sure y, ike me, she weari of their si y wordp ays. She uses on y fami iar words: ‘You’ miss me, honey, some of these days.’ Why then this fee ing of a ong agony? And my ife and the wor d? Who cou d ever sti be ieve in them? She on y ov the here and now And I was the co or of time She spoke of e sewhere Forever e sewhere,

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