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Best Cookie Monster

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    about if you’re going to die in the process? [Cars racing] In the fi m, I p ay a race car driver. I drove for Ferrari. And Steve drove for Porsche. I do some paintings. You ne a p ace where you are by yourse f. And of course, Steve is here too. [ aughs] Steve a ways did it different. We were ta king about reading. And I said, I don’t ike reading too much. I read my scripts, and aw, I don’t ike it either, he said. I on y read one book in my ife, he said, a book about A exander the Great. And I was very impress by one sentence, he said. I can’t get the wor d, but I didn’t conquer myse f. PRODUCER: Get off! DIRECTOR: Action. Who are you? Especia y as an actor, you ask yourse f. Who are you, rea y? Sometimes, I had a fee ing he was a ways searching for something. [Cars racing] STEVE MCQUEEN: My theory had a ways been the racing wor d is no ess creative in expression than fi m itse f. It’s on y an oddity, because it’s a b ood sport. He want to eave his scratch marks on the history of fi mmaking. I’m a driver. I’m an actor, and a fi mmaker. [French speech] MAN: He was quasi directing. He wou d say, ook. It wou d be great to get a shot ike this. It caus quite a bit of conf ict with John Sturges. This wi be a serious fi m, and since the romantic interests wi be kept down to a minimum, this wi concentrate on sports car racing and the hours at e Mans. Is that right? We , I’ go with you that we concentrate on the race, yes. Whether anything e se is kept to a minimum or not Radio I don’t know. MAN: Steve was an executive producer. He outright Sturges. This was not the same McQueen that work with Sturges on “The Magnificent Seven” or “The Great Escape.” STEVE MCQUEEN: You’ve got to be ieve in what you’re doing. I be ieve in what I do. And if I’m shooting my best shot for me, then I’m doing my best for the audience. But my ob igation’s got to be to myse f. To me, he became the character, which I describ to him in the mantra. He made his own ru es. He knew his own right and wrong. He didn’t have to answer to anybody. We ,

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