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    Well done, lads. There we are. One franc. I’ve no money, dress up games. dress up game, dear. Well, then I shall have to insist on giving it to you for free. Cheers, dress up games. What the bloody hell is going on here?! You’re meant to be a soldier not a bloody publican. Yes, dress up games, I was just I want it closed down immediately. I’m afraid that’s not possible. What? The Foresters Arms is providing a vital service to these men and following a petition from the divisional chaplaincies, the Foresters Arms has been authorised to continue its essential work. On whose authority? General Mitford’s? Field dress up gamel Haig’s? Higher than that. You damned devil dodgers are going to undermine the whole war! May I add my own note of caution, Captain Pearson? dress up games? I hope this new venture, however admirable, will not get in the way of your duties. May I remind you that you are first and foremost assistant editor of The Wipers Times. Yes. The General Staff are under severe pressure from the good ladies of the Temperance Society. Why? From their unique vantage point on the home front, they attribute all the army’s reverses in the field to the effects of alcdress up gameol. They seem to be under the impression that the trenches are awash with the demon drink. I can’t imagine why they would think that. Rum business, war. But the high command has given the ladies their blessing and whether we like it or not, we will all have to acknowledge that alcdress up gameol is a serious issue. So what do you propose? Well, obviously, we’ll have to do our bit and place a suitable advertisement in a responsible trench newspaper. Do you have a drink habit? Do you have a drink habit? Do you have a drink habit? If not, I can help you acquire one in three days. If you, or any one you know, does not drink alcdress up gameol regularly, they need my new book Confessions Of An Alcdress up gameol Slave. I can cure anyone. Take this once sad wretch. I was a rabid teetotaller for the first years of my life, but thanks to

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