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Best Colored Clothing

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  • Best Colored Clothing

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    returned Iast time was too perfect The real one has one of its corners broken Shi Zilun knew your conspiracy with Hawk Brother Six and Manager Liu so you killed him The third clay doll was actually you Hawk Brother Six is really dead and his death is faked You switched all attention to the duel at the summit of the Forbidden City So the Powerful Four guards could not protect the emperor Then you sneak in to try and take over the throne Cool-Son Yeh, you were acting with Tang Fei at Chun Hua House So you cheated me to believe You are injured so I pity you, right? Too bad, heavens vengeance is slow but sure Tang Yong did not know the truth And killed his own brother And the truth spilled out Cool-Son Yeh game You have cheated me and used me Guard! Yes! Arrest Cool-Son Yeh and Liu Tong! Yes! Hold it! You think you can arrest me? Of course I can’t do it alone, but there are , soldiers out there and Imperial Guards game You fight till tomorrow till you are totally exhausted, and you die all the same You were a nobleman, why choose to be a bandit? The victor becomes a king and the loser a bandit Now game I have only one request What is it? Please let me have the duel with Simon the Snow Blower on the summit of the Forbidden City If I can’t fight with him, I will regret it for the rest of my life How dare you negotiate? Why not? Uncle Pingnan, you are a nobleman Although illegitimate, I always considered you a hero I now allow you to have the duel with Simon the Snow Blower And whatever the result, you can commit suicide What do you think? Thank you. Your Majesty Night of the full moon, summit of the Forbidden City I hope you have a fair duel I don’t mind you Cheating me or using me I just want to know one thing Have you ever really loved me? Yes No lying? No Everything, has been as planned But there was a little mistake I fell in love with you Then do you wish me to be your wife? I have said that game game no matter you win or lose, live or die I will be by your side Leave me alone Are you alright? Cool-Son Yeh, Best Colored Clothing

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