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Best College Girl

Best College Girl


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Best College Girl Description

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Let me see. What? Roya! a cockroach! Where? Look, it’s going that way. Yuck. Open the window it will go out. I can’t, i’m scared. Hey games I’ll go games Give me that games don’t push games don’t push. Roya, it’s going that way. Very well, very well. Roya, what if it flies? I don’t know it will fly or walk, slowly games slowly. It’s coming this way. Let go off me. Out. Get out. Get out, i said! Roya, it doesn’t understand. What was that? A jinn? A cockroach. Don’t be scared, you jumped on it. Hallo. Hallo? No, it’s only cold a little. Yes. what? I said I’m listening. She’s sleeping. Yes. Go to sleep. Dad told me to not use his cell phone too much. Go to sleep. Go to sleep games I’m going back tomorrow morning. I hate studying. Shut up, go to sleep. Don’t worry I’m here. We love you, my brother and I. Shut-up, go to sleep. OK, good night. It’s really scary. Just imagine if there’s really a jinn. For God’s sake don’t say these things. There’s nothing to be scared of. We’ve locked the door and put suitcases behind the windows. What are you scared of? Go to sleep, God will help us. Mum always says pray when you’re afraid. I welcome you all to this university, but before we start our lesson, let me tell you a little bit about this region. This is a small town even though it’s not very far from Tehran. But it’s a very old town. The people are very friendly and kind. But still have kept their old traditions and customs. So don’t be surprised if you hear about things like jinns, fairies and stuff. Because this is not Tehran but a place called Uphill. What? Nothing. Walnut, it’s walnut. Did you pick them from this garden? No, i bought them games If you dare pick one, what will Ms Sakine do to you? Haven’t you heard games she says there’s a jinn in the garden? Do you believe there’s a jinn in the garden? My aunt had a friend, who swore to God games that a jinn every night came to their kitchen games drank water, thanked them and left. We have a very old kitchen in our house, it’s so dark we wouldn’t dare go inside. Shirin knows

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