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Best Christmas Princess

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  • Best Christmas Princess

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    And don’t think I believe all that malarkey about you and your mother and her mother before her. You wouldn’t know a diamond from a sheep’s eye. Here, make that four, Fallon, and you can have the pleasure of our company. Oh, make that four! Get them in, Fallon. Come on, give us another. Ah, girls, you’ll have a grand night with Fallon and Broom now, eh? Slow night tonight, girls, eh? Date. Anyone here? I’ve come for my little girl’s things. Let’s be goin’ back there then. No, no. Let’s stay here. It’s more fun. It’s pissing out. Ah, we’ll go to our little room, where you’ll be as warm and as snug and as happy as a kitten, huh? Come on, Jen, a little spit of rain between friends, eh? Let’s do it. We got gin there. We got gin like the morning dew. Make you forget about the rain. Come on, Jennie. All right, all right. I’ll believe it when I see it. I hope you’re telling the truth, woman. It’s an offense to lie to the constabulary, punishable by Games Well, bless my soul. Come on, Jennie. We’ll soon have you warmer. Come on. Hey, come on. Come on, Jennie. I forgot there’s, uh, new lodgers up there. Children screaming. Let’s go to the cock pit, eh? No, it’s cold there. It’s all right, me love. Come on. Come on, quick. They’re filthy, disgusting. Thomas! Thomas! Thomas! It’s all right, Annabella. It’s only a dream. This’ll help you sleep. I can’t sleep. I don’t sleep. I have these awful dreams. They’re vile. I’m frightened, Thomas. They’re bringing you bodies, aren’t they, from the graveyard? Consecrated ground. It’s just street gossip. Wherever I go, people stare at me. They whisper things about you. Are they true? It’s rumors, Annabella. You mustn’t pay any attention to them. We’ll be disgraced. You’ll be ruined. Our name will be dragged in the mud. Come on, drink it all up. Do you know what it is to be lonely? I feel lonely. I wanted to be mistress in my brother’s house. I wanted to give dinner parties and dances. I wanted to be admired and charming. I wanted to marry, but nobody would come because of your philosophy

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