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Best Charming Princess

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  • Best Charming Princess

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    mentions you. What did she say? She said, “When is the wedding day?” My God. Shut up. You know my mom. And what did you tell her? Did you tell her a date? Look at you. Look at you, moving hella fast. I told her that I like you. I told her you were cute too. My phone is, like, going crazy over here. Why don’t you put it on silent? All these people game I wonder who’s texting me right now. It’s not me. No, but, seriously, don’t try to fight for something so hard. You might get answers you don’t wanna know. What if I do wanna know? Sometimes things are better left unsaid. It was like when I was, like, seven. We were just at the park. And he would always run and I would always chase him, but I could never catch him. He was way too fast. And he grabbed my right hand with his right hand, and he grabbed my left hand with his left hand. He just started running, and I had to, like, try to keep up with him because he had my hands. And I could. For like a brief second I was running just as fast as him. And, like, I knew I was flying. I’m up! Are you up or are you awake? I’m up, Ma. I’m up. F game You better clean this room before you leave the house! You hear me? I got it, I got it, I got it, Ma. I got it. I mean it. Yes. I don’t wanna work in no supermarket. Nene, you know, work is work. As long as it’s honest work, it’s work. This game What’s wrong with the supermarket? Can you just stop by before you go to the park? I’ll stop by and see what they’re hiring for. Because Don Jose’s waiting for you. I already talked to him about it. He’s already waiting for you. Look at you. He gonna come up to me and gonna start asking me mad questions. Well, he gonna ask you questions to give you the job, John. I don’t even wanna work there. You just walk in and they gonna hire you? But you setting me up for interviews you haven’t even talked to me about. Cause if I talk to you about it, you’re gonna say no. I’m just looking out. You’re always doing that, Ma. I’m just looking out. I know you always looking out for me. So, what up, yo?

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