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Best Charming Jewelry 4

Best Charming Jewelry 4


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Best Charming Jewelry 4 Description

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that’ll scare the out of them. Look, man, I came prepared for one night. I didn’t come prepared for war. Yeah, well, this war came to us. Listen, if we both survive this, let’s talk, okay? [LAUGHING] HENRY: Your brother was a wonderful soldier. He had to be, in Special Forces. Always had to be the first man through the door. I wonder what or who made him that way, huh? Always pushing. Maybe you think about that too. I’ll bet you do. Not a day goes by I don’t wish it wasn’t me instead of him. Not a day. I’m gonna be needing this. Gentlemen, I’ll put it simply. Henry, I know you. Henry, I know a lot about you. I also know you are trained in deep-sea rescue and retrieval. Which makes you worth a lot to me. Now, if you don’t help me to get what I came for game game I will have to go game game after your family game game and kill them, one by one. And I will start with your son first. Henry, please, it’s your final chance. I take it by your silence game game that you’ve made the wrong decision. All right, it’s time to hunt. Let’s go. [IN FRENCH] [IN FRENCH] SAUL [OVER RADIO]: me. You! [BOTH GRUNTING] I thought you wanted the ranger dead. I did. [JEAN CHUCKLES] What changed? My mind. [GASPS] Aah! ! Help! [BOTH GRUNTING] [IN ENGLISH] Come on. Pass the out. Come on. Unh! Pass out. Pass the out. [GASPING] Hey. Hey. Come on. Wake up. You can’t die yet. I won’t get to kill you. Yeah, that’d be a shame. [CLAY CHUCKLES] Look what your friend dropped. Look, man, I got a lot of questions to ask. Well, I’ve got answers. Maybe even some you don’t want. But I’ll always tell you the truth. Let’s get out of here. I located a canoe in case you don’t feel like swimming. I’ll do you one better. [SCREAMING] . Aah! Agh. No, no, no! You– You’re so ed. By my count, that’s three of you down so far. off. [GRUNTING] Okay, let’s go. No, no. We gotta see what’s what. How many of you are left? Eat a dick. [CLAY CHUCKLES] [GROANS] You know, when I was in the yard, when we wanted somebody to talk game game we’d carve

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