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Best Beautifull Glamorous Makeover

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  • Best Beautifull Glamorous Makeover

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    Best Beautifull Glamorous Makeover Description

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    FOOTSTEPS THUDDING GRUNTING GROANING For my son. Kill him. Kill him! Gul’Dan! The mak’gora is sacred. GARONA: The human won. Fairly. Let your warriors honor their tradition. I will not be disobeyed! GUL’DAN: What are you waiting for? Do as I say! Traitors! ORC GRUNTS Get out of my way. I’ll do it myself! Who will obey you? If you go to war with your own kind Games If you do this, you will lose the Horde. And this war is only beginning. SCREECHING GROWLS SCREECHING BREATHING HEAVILY For your son. GRUNTS So your spirit can teach him. BELLS TOLLING Garona’s dagger. I pulled that from Llane’s neck. Well, there has to be an explanation. Yes. She made her choice. I don’t believe that. Maybe you and I didn’t know her as well as we thought we did. LADY TARIA: There is no greater blessing a city can have than a king who would sacrifice himself for his people. But such a sacrifice must be earned. We must deserve it. If we only show our unity to mourn a good man’s death, was King Llane wrong to believe in you? CITIZENS: No! MALE CITIZEN: We will avenge him, my lady! MALE CITIZEN : Lead us against the orcs, Lothar! ALL: CHANTING Lothar! Lothar! Lothar! CHANTING CONTINUES For Azeroth! For Azeroth and the Alliance! ALL: For Azeroth! For the Alliance! DUROTAN: You will travel far, my little Go’el. GO’EL COOING DUROTAN: My world may be lost, but this is your world now. Take what you need from it. Make a home for the orcs and let no one stand in your way. MAN: My lord, you should see this. GO’EL CRYING You are the son of Durotan and Draka, an unbroken line of chieftains. And our people need a leader now more than ever. SNARLS Because I is a giant, you reckon I is going to gobble you up and crunch your bones. No Games Please! giggles You is reading in books where giants is eating up little girls for supper and snacks. Yes. Don’t they? Oh, yes. That is what giants is doing. All the giants in Giant Country is all cannybully and murderful. They is guzzling up human beans every night. Sophie Human Games beings? giant Yeah. Human beans,

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