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Best Beautiful Fairy

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  • Best Beautiful Fairy

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    Never. What about you? Me? I just follow the guide. I’m hungry. Waiter, please! And a pack of cigarettes, please. Yes, sir. Now you can tell me about your life. I could. What does that mean? That means a Jesuit school game pharmaceutical studies game married, with five children. All that’s a lie. You’re right. Tell me the truth. No. Claire? Where are you? Here. Don’t move! What’s this about? What do you want from me? On your knees. Arms up. Everybody on their knees, with their hands up. What is this? What do you want? Leave him. He’s got nothing to do with this. Compared to what you’ll get if you interfere, that’s nothing. We are the Schroeder group. Schroeder, . Rings a bell? Take them upstairs. Then we’ll talk. It’s too late. It’s never too late! We know nothing and we don’t want to know. Leave us out of it. Just lock us up upstairs. Kill him! Are you insane? I game He won’t say anything. But he’s sleeping with my wife! Lock me upstairs, but keep her with you, so he’ll talk! Otherwise, he won’t say a word! He’s sleeping with her. I won’t tell anyone. Please. I can prove it to you. He put his gun in my pocket earlier. Take a look. You bastard! Go yourself! I can’t breathe game Is this his? Yes. He gave it to me earlier. It’s his revolver. It’s not a revolver. It’s a gun. SQ? So I was paid to off some guy in Dusseldorf in August . He calls him a “guy”. His name was Karl Schroeder. What do you want to know? We want to know who paid you. I don’t know his name. We communicated through the ads in a paper. That’s all I know. No, you must know a lot more. Shall we take care of your lady friend? I received orders to kill him. That’s what I get paid for. So where’s the money? My business manager takes care of it. Very well. You’re going to call him. And? Call him. Then we’ll see. Let her go first. Would you rather place your call with or without balls in your pants? Let’s go. Quick! We have to leave. What for? So you can kill guys in Dusseldorf, Paris or New York? Come on! No. Come with me! No! No. What’s in the bag? My passport, Best Beautiful Fairy

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