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Best Beautiful Cover Girl

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  • Best Beautiful Cover Girl

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    This is the Tianshan Snow Lotus, eat it I’ll recover as soon as possible for you Then, I can get ready soon and win! I know you will win Thank you Does the emperor know about the duel? He knows, and he knows you will win too One of us would lose It’s not who wins that is important This duel has become too important If we don’t finish it, I’m afraid it won’t happen again I’m sure you’ll win! What’s the matter with you? Nothing Cool-Son Yeh, whether you live or die win or lose I’ll be by your side Why do you treat me like this? When I am blocking the sun for you? Where’s Cool-Son Yeh? Cool-Son Yeh? Was he around? You weren’t having a “wild game” with him here last night? Stop blabbing here! Is Cool-Son Yeh really injured? Top secret! If you don’t want to tell, I dare not ask I just want to remind you Remind me of what? Mastering the sword is a very lonely business To be an invincible swordsmen You have bear loneliness which no normal person can bear As his woman, it is more difficult to describe the pressure she has to suffer This is all so hard to understand If you fall in love with an invincible swordsman, you’ve to share his loneliness and also suffer the torment of losing him at any time It’s not easy It’s funny to see you talking to me so seriously Okay, I am going to investigate now, interested? Investigate what? Shi Zilun truly is my closest disciple He has learned % of my skills Mr. Skilful, can you return this clay doll? I am his master, what do you think? No one has ever been game so rude to Mr. Skilful Give me an hour I guarantee I can return this clay doll Soon we will find out who killed Shi Zilun The murderer is so eager to shut his mouth There must be a great plot behind this You call this logic? Why are you still here? Waiting for you How can I work with you watching? Go out for a walk and come back in an hour! Let’s go We have a whole hour What shall we do? Anything you want to do? Who has anything to do with you? It’s so romantic to walk with you in the sunset I really will excrete and throwBest Beautiful Cover Girl

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