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Best Barbie Rumba Dancer

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  • Best Barbie Rumba Dancer

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    Best Barbie Rumba Dancer Description

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    Hey! Don’t go! I am an Imperial Agent, I am famous If you pull me on a big street game and I fall down in the new year, what face do I have? Then why don’t you just tell me who is going to win? Tell me! You tell me! I’m asking you, tell me quick! One is my good friend One is a senior in the kung-fu world I admire game It must be Royal Uncle Pingnan Why? He’s cool! He has personality I believe there is no one who can beat game game his “Hovering Heavenly Fairy” stance You still not answer me You’re bad! You’re so shameless! Please tell me who will win! If you follow me I will deal with you here! Oh! Dare you to bully me? How can you do that? You are the princess, how dare I bully you? You have also learned all the kung-fu, I can’t fight you then How about that? Grab two eunuchs and use a candle to burn their ass that could be fun! I don’t want to play that! You tell me who is going to win first? Cool-Son or Simon? I have important things to do? I’ll answer you when I come back, okay? Okay. Let’s go Don’t follow me! Hey! game Wait! I’ve been busy! I know you are busy, so I dare not find you I only miss you everyday Actually, I have written a letter Let me see No. I am afraid you will look down on me I will only be touched How about that game you read it out to me No game If you say no, I’ll never miss you Okay, but you mustn’t laugh at me Brother , haven’t seen you for days, I miss you very much You know that i don’t study well Am I a fool? I just wish you would come to see me soon Lastly, I wish you all the best luck and longevity That’s it This is the most touching love letter I have ever read Really? You take it? Total charge taels taels? You give to me? We have played this two times already Last time I cried severely, this time there’s only two drops of tears Shall we play something new and more exciting? What shall we play then? I heard there is a mouth trick spreading around among the people. Seems to be great fun It’s called game It’s called “Ice Fire”, you understand? You are bad! No, we’ll play another!Best Barbie Rumba Dancer

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