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Best Barbie pleasure Spa

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    She got me in. But look what it got me. This. A career. A standing in the community. Respect. Everything I always wanted. You’re not going to do anything. Are you? You’re afraid she’ll expose you? Cornell? Jane? Yeah. You’ve gotta go. What? Are you serious? If you don’t play by her rules She will out you as a cheater. You’ll be kicked out of Edgington. You’ll be a pariah at any Ivy League school. This is your future, Bridgette, The rest of your life we’re talking about. What? So I’m just supposed to play along? Yes. And then you can go off to Cornell and start over and forget any of this ever happened. Have you forgotten it, Mom? I’m sorry. I I just had to see you. I let myself in. I fell asleep waiting for you. I I hope you don’t mind. Of course not. Are you all right? I don’t like being alone. I’m I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for what Bobby did to you. I should have seen it coming. He was always talking about you. I just can’t believe he did what he did. I’ll be fine. Don’t you worry about me. And Danni

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