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Best Barbie Going to Party

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  • Best Barbie Going to Party

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    Best Barbie Going to Party, Best Barbie Going to Party Games, Play Best Barbie Going to Party Games

    a hand on you. Why are you all standing there? Pack up and leave! Move it! Start packing! Fire! Run! Where’s Ian? Ian! Ian! Has anyone seen Ian? Where is she?! Where’s Ian? Ian! Ian! Have you seen Ian? Ian! Somebody! Let us out! Heaven is about to enact justice. The night of your film premiere is when my family gets their revenge. The commander is here! Commander! Commander! Commander! Over here! This way, sir. I thought the tickets were sold out within an hour. Why is the place empty? Yes, it is rather odd, indeed. Shall we proceed, sir? Of course. I came to watch my son’s film, not the audience’s reaction. Go on! Start the film. Yes, sir. I’m a ghost. You’re human. We’re not meant to be together. We can’t spend this life together Games but we’ll be together in the next. We must be together in the next life! Bravo! That brat is really something! He can both act and direct! Surely, he takes after me! Si Fan, you really shouldn’t be an actress. Why do you say that? A good actor wouldn’t be like you, unable to separate film and reality. Are you in or out of the character? I don’t think you can tell anymore. Seems like my wife’s heart will always be elsewhere. Is is also part of your plan? Ms. Kong Ian. I don’t understand your question. Like I said, you’re a terrible actress. You don’t get into character when you should. When you shouldn’t be in character, you’re in too deep. I looked into your background even before we met. I’ve known about your intentions and your plan all this time. I was just playing along so you can finish your little show. We meet again, commander! Wei Bang! Let Ian go. What a standoff. An eye for an eye. These photos are a reminder. A reminder of why you must die here today, Gu Ming Shan. Si Fan! Is revenge the real reason Games you did this film? Your affection was fake? It’s like your movie Games all fake. Shut your mouth! This is your fault! Your greed and your libido caused this! Those people Games and my mother Games were killed by you! Let Ian go! If you let Wei Bang go, I’ll let Ian go.

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