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Best Barbie Fun Birthday Party

Best Barbie Fun Birthday Party


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Best Barbie Fun Birthday Party Description

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good bye Bye-bye Let’s go Be carefull when going up the stairs Nina you are the most beautiful child in the enitre world Yes When we get home, grandma will make lunch foryou, okay? Ah Ai Ah Ai Listen there’s a kind of skin whitening cream right now Go buy it foryourgranddaughter to use Then she will not be so dark anymore Don’t interrupt! Anyway, dark is ugly I’m telling you, I’ll tell others tomorrow that Song Ling married a rich French man What, I’m bragging? You don’tcare about reputation. I care You make me so mad Did the black man give money to raise the child? Not bad This is the first time I’ve see you so friendly I’m always this friendly I’m not used to it The childcare center is justahead You’ll be there in about ten minutes Is there enough space there? Nina loves to move so much You’ll know afteryou’ve taken a look And you weara uniform Do you remember than when you went for the interview they wanted you to weara uniform, you told them off I forgot You did You said something like, how can a company with a uniform have any creativity You were so mean If I’m still so picky now, how can I afford to put Nina in kindergarten? I don’twant to increase mom’s burden You finally said something thata motherwould say Right now I have a pure heartand innocent desires There are only old people and children in my life Did I do anything? Go whereveryou want to go You should be braver Don’talways blame your family for holding you back I got it When I’m not home you have to take good care of mom Okay Nag Remember to bring gifts back for us I’m the worstat picking gifts forgirls How aboutyou tell me whatyou wantand I’ll just buy and bring it back, okay? You can help Nina find a father You know that Indian men are really handsome Theireyes give outsparks, can mesmerize people to death With a child like that Games You’r really one crazy women Nina is really great Then Games Can you do this? And towards the top And also this Can you do this? Like this Go down Forward Punches Here, punches Do it like this first Nina Punches

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