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Best Barbie Bride Makeover

Best Barbie Bride Makeover


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Best Barbie Bride Makeover Description

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I’m not sure I want that on the front room wall. Well, that’s where it’s going, Ethel. It’s one small step for man Games one giant leap for mankind. Cor blimey! Man on the moon, Ette. Oh. Man on the moon. Fantastic, eh? What’s he doing there? Well, just walking about a bit. And then what? Come back, I suppose. Perhaps they’ll have a picnic. That’d be nice. I think the tea would blow away when it came out of the thermos. Why? Is it windy up there? No, it’s gravity, dear. Oh, I see. Look. He’s going to pick up some pebbles to take home. Just like kiddies at the seaside. Turn it off, will you? Did you have a good journey, dear? Oh, yes. OK, Mum. Fine, fine. Much traffic on the road? Well, the A was a bit choked up, wasn’t it? But after Sutton, it sort of thinned out a bit and, you know Games got better. Here’s a comb, dear. Thanks, Mum. Remember we used to bring the pram up here? It’s me in the pram now. They used to do nice teas in the balcony before the war. Waitresses in aprons and caps. We never did go, did we, dear? Yes. It was lovely. The yobbos smashed all the windows. Well, that’s your Labour Party for you. Mr. Biggs! Mr. Briggs! What? Is there a telephone? I need to call an ambulance. Downstairs, Doctor. Front room. Ethel? Why are they all staring at me? Oh, they’re not staring at you, Mum. It’s the television. They’ve put it right by your bed. I don’t like them staring at me and I don’t like being in Charity Ward. It doesn’t mean charity, Mum. It’s a girl’s name. What’s that music? I can hear music. Carols, Mum. On the television. It’s Christmas. There’s the tree, look. Oh, I hope I’ll be home in time for Christmas. When is it? It was yesterday, Mum. You had your presents yesterday. Look at all your cards. Mm? Lovely flowers. Yes, lovely. Aren’t I a lucky girl? Listen, dear. Who was that old man in here just now? Oh, Mum. That was Dad. Dad? You know, Ernest? Your husband. My husband? Yes. Not Victor McLagen? No, Mum. I thought he was dead. Lovely Games lovely flowers, Mum. Oh, yes. Lovely. Aren’t I a lucky girl?

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